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Low-cost graduate courses & continuing education credits for teachers

By Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Low-cost graduate courses & continuing education credits for teachers

By Angela Watson

Looking to renew your teaching license but can’t handle the time commitment or cost? Teacher’s Learning Center (TLC) might be the solution for you. Busy teachers can now complete courses for license renewal and pay scale increase at their own pace (and at affordable price).

Low-cost graduate courses & continuing education credits for teachers

Teacher’s Learning Center (TLC) offers accredited graduate courses that cover a wide variety of topics. The great thing about TLC’s programs is that you can work on your own schedule (start the course whenever you want) and finish at your own pace (going as fast as you’d like, or working more slowly, provided that you finish within the 5 month time frame.)

TLC offers 501-level post-baccalaureate professional development credits. Their courses vary greatly and cover a huge range of practical topics, including assessment, behavior management, classroom environment, instruction, and more. Each is designed to be relevant to the challenges teachers face in the classroom on a daily basis.  You can view all the courses by topic here.

Even better? All courses are accredited in 50 states, and are totally affordable:

  • 3 semester credits: $365
  • 2 semester credits: $265
  • 1 semester credit: $165

TLC also provides flexible payment options in which you can pay for only half of the course when you sign up, then pay the second half 30 days later.


You can check out Teacher’s Learning Center (TLC) to see which courses are available, and find one that fits your needs.

Disclosure: Syndicate Ads has compensated me via SyndicateAds.net  for helping to spread the word about TL graduate courses. As always, I only share resources on the blog that I would use myself and recommend to other teachers.


Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

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  1. I already have a Masters Degree in Education, but would like to get plus 30 hours in graduate work to increase my salary. Do you offer courses or a program so that I can do that?

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