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Uncategorized   |   Dec 2, 2015

Don’t know what to ask for as your Christmas gift this year?

By Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Don’t know what to ask for as your Christmas gift this year?

By Angela Watson

Shopping for friends and family is easy for me. Telling other people (especially my husband) what I want? That’s always harder.

Maybe you’re a tough person to buy for, too. But even if you’re not, I’m willing to bet that you want more awesome teaching resources than your paycheck could ever possibly cover. So if you have a family member who’s been asking you for gift ideas and you’re not sure what to tell them, why not ask for something that’s been on your teacher wish list for awhile?

Here are some fun AND useful gift ideas to pass along…or use the ideas yourself as you shop for other teachers!

40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club membership

If you’ve been thinking about joining The 40HTW Club, let your spouse/significant other (or someone else who really, really loves you!) know you’d like to have your membership gifted. Alternatively, you could mention the idea to a couple of family members and suggest they split the cost and go in for a group gift.

Don’t know what to ask for as your Christmas gift this year?

The gift giver can make a one time payment of $99.95 and will receive an image similar to the one above that can be printed out and placed in a card, or shared with you via email. The image will have a user-specific link on it. When the club opens to new members beginning December 26th, you can sign up for the club and won’t be charged a thing.

What better gift could you ask for than the gift of having better work/life balance and more time and energy for the people that matter most to you? Share this link for gift membership that can be paid securely via credit card or eCheck through PayPal.

Teacher books

Want to return to school in the new year feeling refreshed? The Educator’s Book Club on Facebook will be doing a book study of Awakened starting January 4th. And in February, I’ll be running another online book club for Unshakeable. This is the perfect time to request the books as gifts!


Both hard copies and eBook versions of all my books are available right here on the site (click the image below for links you can send to the gift giver.)

The paperback and Kindle versions are also available via Amazon, so you can request an Amazon gift card if that’s easier.

TeachersPayTeachers gift card

Maybe you’ve been wanting to complete your collection of my math partner games or accountable math talk resources. Or, you’ve had your eye on my growth mindset interactive journal or the brand new teacher’s box of tricks (35 no-prep, collaborative active learning strategies for almost any lesson.)


Why not ask for gift card to TeacherPayTeachers? They’re available in amounts from $5 and up, so it’s an easy, affordable   gift for just about anyone.

Teacher t-shirts and novelty gifts

I created a store for teacher shirts, totes, mugs, and more on Spreadshirt. I wanted the merchandise to be fun and affordable, so everything is under $20. 

Plus, from today through December 7th, you can get 15% off your entire order using the coupon code MERRY15.


I hope this post gives you some possible gift suggestions for yourself to share with your family members, and some new and fun ideas for your co-worker/teacher friend gifts. I truly appreciate each and every purchase. Thank you for your support!

Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Angela created the first version of this site in 2003, when she was a classroom teacher herself. With 11 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of experience as an instructional coach, Angela oversees and contributes regularly to...
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    1. Hi, Jessica! I would love to offer that, but unfortunately, there’s no way for me to make it work on the backend of the club membership.

      I only have the ability to process one name, email, login, and password per member. The gift giver and recipient would therefore have to share the account, meaning they’d have to coordinate on setting everything up, share the password, etc., plus the club member would have access to the gift giver’s credit card information and all kinds of other things that would end up being confusing and wonky over time.

      The simplest way to handle it is to take one flat payment up front, and allow the gift recipient to create their own club account separately. That way the gift giver doesn’t keep getting email notifications about the club or have to be involved in any way, and everyone’s account/purchase info is secure.

      I hope that makes sense! 🙂

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