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40 Hour Workweek

Education Trends, Equity Resources, Truth for Teachers Collective

May 4, 2022

What is age-appropriate LGBTQ+ education?
LGBTQ+ education can help develop a safe and affirming learning environment for all students. On February 24, 2022, Florida’s House of Representatives passed HB 1557. It prohibits instruction about sexuality or gender from grades K-3, and any instruction on LGBTQ issues “in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate...

By Sara Singer

High School Special Education

Mindset & Motivation, Productivity Strategies, Truth for Teachers Collective

Apr 27, 2022

We need to stop judging and criticizing other teachers for how much we work
“We all know you can’t do this job well without working every night and every weekend.” “For an English teacher, if you’re doing it right, I don’t see how you could NOT be overwhelmed all the time.” “Well, anyone leaving the building by 3 every day isn’t doing their job.”...

By Megan Faherty

High School History/Social Studies

Education Trends, Mindset & Motivation, Truth for Teachers Collective

Apr 20, 2022

I’ve worked at 2 schools with high teacher morale. Here’s what they do differently.
The last two years have been hard. I can’t engage in a conversation or scroll through social media without recognizing the pain, burden, and hardship educators are facing. Every day teachers share stories of stress, burnout, and moral injury. Daily scrolling brings on feelings of guilt. Why? For the past...

By Katie McGrath

Middle School Instructional Coach

Mindset & Motivation, Productivity Strategies, Truth for Teachers Collective

Nov 10, 2021

10 tips to relieve stress around teacher evaluations and ditch the dog-and-pony show
Being evaluated feels personal because you care deeply about what you’re doing. How could you not?  You spend countless hours working on lesson plans, grading, PLCs, and data — not to mention the time you spend in the classroom interacting with students, striving to meet their needs. Of course, it’s...

By Cindy Shapiro

Teacher & Instructional Coach

Classroom Management, Education Trends, Productivity Strategies, Sponsors & Supporters, Truth for Teachers Collective

Mar 20, 2022

3 practices to give you more one-on-one time with students
Finally — a sustainable model for self-paced learning and mastery-based grading! If you feel like you never have enough time to truly differentiate or personalize learning, try the approach by the Modern Classrooms Project approach. I’m interviewing co-founder Kareem Farah about three strategies that you can experiment with integrating into...

By Angela Watson

Founder and Writer