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Uncategorized   |   May 7, 2010

Take a peek into other teachers’ classrooms with these photo tours

By Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Take a peek into other teachers’ classrooms with these photo tours

By Angela Watson

See how other teachers set up their classrooms!  Here are some photos I’ve taken of my amazing colleagues’ classrooms, and several fantastic classroom tour submissions from website visitors.


My Colleagues’ Rooms: Gr. K-6, Laurel, MD


Mrs. Amorson’s Kindergarten (video tour!)


Mrs. Partin’s Kindergarten Photos


Mrs. Alsager’s First Grade Photos


Julie Bennett’s First Grade Photos in Russell, KY


Ms. Sheet’s First Grade Photos


Miss Nelson’s Second Grade Photos


Windy Alexander’s Third Grade Photos in North Carolina


Tiffany Edelen’s Fourth Grade (Reading/Science) Photos in Kentucky


Mrs. Moorman’s Fifth Grade Classroom Photos


Helen Jung’s Sixth Grade Photos in Buena Park, CA


Ms. Esparza’s Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Photos


Mr. Dyre’s High School Science Lab Classroom Photos in Woodbridge, Virginia

Mrs. Heile and Mrs. Comb’s Special Education Classroom Photos

More teachers’ rooms


Andrea Couto-Ambrosini did a fabulous job decorating her room for the new school year! She contacted me via Facebook to share the link to her photos (with great captions) in a public Facebook album. I love her color-coded organization!

Jennifer Bond has amazing classroom photos on her site, Mrs. Bond’s Fantastic First Graders. She’s so on the ball, she posted pics of her 2010-2011 classroom tour in July, a full six weeks before school started! There are also many game and center ideas, printables, and more.

This awesome post from the blog A Day in the Life shares some incredibly creative classroom organization, arrangement, and decoration photos from around the web. It features some of the most unusual ideas I’ve seen yet.

The Clutterfree Classroom website shares great photos of classrooms decorated by theme: Camping, Beach, and Western. Love!

Ashley Hughes at The School Supply Addict has the motherload of links to room setup ideas with submissions from dozens of teachers.

Photographs of my classroom


Classroom Photos After 2009
Classroom Photos 2009
Classroom Photos 2008
Classroom Photos 2007
Classroom Photos 2006
Classroom Photos 2005
Classroom Photos 2004
Classroom Photos 2003
Classroom Photos Before 2003

Please share YOUR classroom photos and videos!

Email your images or videos to me, and I’ll create your very own page on The Cornerstone to share your classroom  pictures with teachers around the world! You can send me a link to where you have uploaded your video tour to YouTube or TeacherTube, or a link to your photo album on your blog, Flickr, Picassa, etc.

Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Angela is a National Board Certified educator with 11 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of experience as an instructional coach. She started this website in 2003, and now serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Truth for Teachers...
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