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Classroom Tours

By Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Classroom Tours

By Angela Watson

What’s Here

The best way to get classroom arrangement ideas is to see  photos of how REAL teachers have set up their rooms.  On this page, you can tour all of my classrooms from 2003-2009, and also view photographs of my colleagues’ classrooms and those of website visitors.  You’re sure to get some creative ideas for utilizing your space in a new way!

Pages in This Section


Cornerstone Cross-Reference


Find even MORE information about setting up your classroom in The Cornerstone book and eBook! Book-exclusive content includes:

Ch. 1: Classroom Arrangement

  • How to create space for the 8 basic elements of an elementary classroom, no matter how small or oddly-shaped the room
  • Photographs of four desk arrangements that really work (and why two others don’t)
  • Attractive and useful set-ups for bulky and outdated computer stations
  • The number one factor you should consider when placing your desk and workspace

Ch. 2: Planning for the First Weeks of School

  • Sample lesson plans for teaching procedures during the first week of school
  • The 11 things that HAVE to get done before the first day
  • What to buy (and what NOT to buy) for your classroom

Ch. 4: Avoiding the Paper Trap

  • Detailed instructions for establishing ONE place for EACH type of paper you come across, regardless of the space and containers you have

Ch. 5: Finding and Filing Instructional Resources

  • Specific guidelines for managing your lesson materials for each subject area

Ch. 6: Organizing Classroom Materials

  • How to make the most of students’ school supply lists so you don’t have to spend out of pocket
  • Why you should think twice before allowing students to share materials or use communal school supplies
  • Inexpensive ways to get classroom materials

Ch. 7: Maintaining a Class Library

  • How to choose books that kids will want to read (and how to obtain them on the cheap)
  • Quick and inexpensive ways to categorize, level, and arrange your books into baskets or bins
  • How to spend just ten minutes setting up a self-running book checkout system
  • Solutions for the great debate: should you allow students to take books home?
  • 5 simple lessons that teach your students to care for and maintain your classroom library
  • Creative ways to give kids ownership over the class library

Ch. 8: Cleaning, Packing, and Moving

  • What to keep, what to toss, and where to put it so you can find it!
  • Step-by-step photographs that show how to pack up your old room and unpack your new one
  • How to pace yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed

Please share YOUR classroom photos!

Would you like to have your pictures featured here? I’d love to add your classroom pics to the Other Teachers’ Rooms page! Contact me via email with the link to your Flickr, Tumblr, Picassa, blog, Pinterest board, or even a public Facebook album! Don’t worry about making sure everything looks perfect: we want to see REAL classrooms that are used by REAL students every day! International teachers–we’d especially love to see what your rooms look like!

Recommended Resources

Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards (maintained by Barbara Colvin) has hundreds of creative bulletin board photos from real teachers, all organized by theme/topic.

Kathy Schrock’s collection of links to more bulletin board sites (from DiscoverySchool.com) is incredibly extensive and easy to search.

The Virtual Vine has an unbelievable amount of great photos and links–wow!  And to think I used to try to come up with this stuff up myself!

Izzyshare is a site run by a kindergarten teacher who loves to decorate. Her name is Ashlee and she hopes to make her site the Facebook for people interested in learning environments for children. The site is a collection of classroom tours and teachers from all over have submitted their classroom photos.  What a cool idea!

Remember, when you connect to Amazon through this site, a portion of ALL sales benefit The Cornerstone For Teachers. Thanks for your support–it really makes a difference!

Blog Posts on Classroom Arrangement and Decoration

Classroom Photo Tours on the Blog: Classrooms of the Month Tables vs. Desks Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Using Portable Dividers to Separate Students’ Desks

Now What?

Get tips for decorating your space on the Creating a Cozy Classroom page Check out the ideas for using your wall space on the Bulletin Board Solutions page Learn how to set up your rug/carpet area on the Class Meetings page Discover how to create workstations around your classroom on the Setting Up Centers/Stations page

My Favorite Classroom Decoration and Arrangement Ideas on PinterestFollow Angela Watson’s Teaching Ideas’s board Classroom Decoration on Pinterest.

Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Angela created the first version of this site in 2003, when she was a classroom teacher herself. With 11 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of experience as an instructional coach, Angela oversees and contributes regularly to...
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