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Uncategorized   |   Feb 26, 2015

St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts for teachers

By Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts for teachers

By Angela Watson

March is right around the corner, and I wanted to share some teacher t-shirts I’ve created for St. Patrick’s Day. All the shirts in my store are under $20.

St. Patrick's Day t-shirts for teachers

The shirts above say:

  • Who needs LUCK when your students are this smart?
  • Lucky to be a teacher
  • Haha, you can’t pinch me!
  • I’m a lucky teacher because I get to teach YOU

Click here to see all the designs I’ve created. If you want to get a teacher friend to go in on the deal with you, feel free to share the Pinterest links below. Thanks for your support!

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Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Angela created the first version of this site in 2003, when she was a classroom teacher herself. With 11 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of experience as an instructional coach, Angela oversees and contributes regularly to...
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  1. Hi I tried to order one of your lucky teacher tshirts at cornerstone, but it kept saying I didnt have a year entered for the credit card expiration date- I did – expires 12/ 2015 but wouldnt take it bummer I really wanted that tshirt for st patricks day!

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