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The second edition of “Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching” is here!

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About the book

Do the never-ending pressures of teaching drain you emotionally?

Is a lack of resources and support stealing your enthusiasm?

Are the small daily hassles adding up and overwhelming you?

Showing up in the classroom as the best version of yourself each day requires serious mental fortitude. This book will empower you to develop the resilient, flexible, positive mindset you need to:

  • Change your perception of setbacks by replacing judgment with curiosity
  • Observe your thoughts and select the ones that create results you want
  • Honor your intuition, mind-body connection, and emotions for the insights they provide
  • Let go of bias, unrealistic expectations, standards, and comparisons
  • Practice radical acceptance to stay motivated even when you don’t see results
  • Realize a sense of accomplishment in a job that’s truly never done

Drawing upon principles of stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and teacher experiences, Awakened helps you develop thought habits that produce a greater sense of contentment, motivation, and purpose. Learn how to renew your mind and take a fresh approach toward the challenges of teaching!

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References and further reading recommendations

Here’s a list of books which have informed my thinking on teacher mindset.