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40 Hour Workweek

I’ve created an 18 module online course which includes a 100 minutes of video, a transcript, note-taking guide, and an audio-only version so you can listen and re-listen while exercising, driving, or getting things done around the house.  In these resources, I share:

  • 6 steps for transitioning into full- or part-time educational consulting
  • How consulting and instructional coaching can go hand in hand
  • Your first actionable step which you should start today
  • How to create a long-range game plan: what to do next week, next month, next year
  • How to find your niche and stay on top of educational trends
  • 4 tools you should leverage as you establish yourself as an expert online
  • How to build your social media presence (even if you’re working from scratch)
  • Strategies for networking and growing your following
  • Ways to create passive income so you get paid even when you’re not consulting
  • How to get your first speaking/consulting gigs in your local area and expand into bigger markets

Keep in mind: Consulting is a VERY personal journey, and everyone’s path is different. You will need to follow your own vision as you go through each of these steps.You will also need to do your own research to put the steps into practice. For example, one of the steps is creating a blog/website. I can’t walk you through the process of creating a blog: that would take hours, and there’s a ton of information that has already been shared about that online.

ery practical advice for anyone wanting to start doing educational consulting

What I CAN do through this course is tell you all the stuff that ISN’T all over the web: when in this journey you will need the blog, why you need the blog, and how to use your blog to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, sell your products/services, and book more clients. The steps are a framework to help you get your business game plan together. As you reach each step, you will need to rely on your own independent, entrepreneurial spirit to determine how the step will fit into YOUR unique business model.

After explaining the six steps for becoming a consultant/coach, I spend the last 50 minutes of the course answering frequently-asked questions, including:

  • How to find freelance work for an existing educational consulting or coaching firm
  • How (and when) to start your own educational consulting or coaching company
  • How much to charge for coaching and educational consulting services*
  • How to figure out if there’s a demand for your expertise & whether your services are valuable
  • How to transition out of the classroom and when (or if!) you should quit your day job
  • How to find a daily schedule that works with your natural cycles of creativity/productivity
  • How to “do it all” and what it really means to be an entrepreneur

*I also share how much I charge for my services and the going rates in the industry—this is information you cannot find anywhere online. Trust me, I’ve looked!  

Check out the free 8 minute excerpt video

Eh, I like free stuff. Why pay for a course?

This is NOT a formal training program. There are no slides or fancy handouts. This is simply a video of me sharing my experience and advice with you. The tone and format is casual: it’s exactly what you’d hear if we sat down for a cup of coffee in my living room and you asked to pick my brain for awhile.

So why pay for something so simple? Because everything I am sharing in this course is information that took me years to figure out through experience and networking with other consultants. This is not advice that you can just Google. It’s information that many educational consultants aren’t willing to talk about publicly online: I had to learn just about everything the hard way, through trial and error.

So, you are not paying for a COURSE: you are paying for the VALUE you will get from it. That’s a foundational principle of consulting (and the reason why consultants get paid so much): people are never compensating you for your time, they are paying for the value you will add to their organization. It might take ten seconds for a consultant to share a piece of information that inspires transformative practices or nets thousands in sales.

This course provides real value. I am confident of that. The information I am sharing here will save you an immeasurable amount of time, energy, and anxiety over whether you can actually monetize your passion and propel your work to the next level. This information will help you work full or part time in educational consulting where you can earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are serious about making the transition into educational consulting/instructional coaching or you feel like you need to know what’s really involved before you pursue that career, you have to be willing to invest in your business and yourself. This is the information that will help you devise your game plan and make the transition. Take the leap and start sharing your message with the world!

What you get

You can buy a single user license (i.e. unlimited personal use of) the following resources. I am requesting that you respect these terms of use and not share the resources with others, just as you would expect each person who purchases your resources to refrain from giving them out freely to people who haven’t compensated you. Thank you for your cooperation with this. You will receive:

  • An 18 module online course with a total of 100 minutes of video
  • A streamable and downloadable one hour 40 minute audio-only version (MP3, playable in iTunes)
  • A 31 page PDF transcript so you can easily skim and reference the information shared
  • An 8 page note-taking guide to organize your thoughts and questions as you watch
  • Links to resources mentioned in the video
  • Access to the comment section for each module where I will answer your questions about the content

Your access to these resources will never expire.

How to purchase

Learn more about the course here.


Email me. But don’t email to ask if maybe you should do XY and Z in your career first and consider starting your business then. Here’s the answer to that: Don’t wait. If you read the video description above and those are questions you want to know the answers to, then this video will help you figure out your next course of action!

Get your game plan together now. Starting learning now about whether coaching and consulting is really a viable option for you and what you need to do next. You have ideas that will transform education. Yes, you! It’s time to start sharing them.