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Uncategorized   |   May 28, 2009

Really deep thoughts on (almost) finishing the year

By Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Really deep thoughts on (almost) finishing the year

By Angela Watson


*How are so many of you on summer break ALREADY? Who the heck lets out before Memorial Day? Stop posting about all the free time you’ve got now. I’ll return the favor for late-enders after next Friday when our countdown is finally over.

*Why can’t we use the abbreviation CR for Cumulative Records? Using the first three letters of ‘cumulative’ (not capitalized, natch) in written correspondence with staff is more than a bit uncomfortable and always makes someone snicker. Not me. Someone.

*CRs (yeah, I’m totally going with that, or my blog hits will triple with people looking for something else) are one of my least favorite parts of the year’s end. If all the teachers have to organize the files every year (AND have them checked by a grade chair), how can EVERY folder have papers out of order? And does it even matter?

*I’m finding it impossible not to tack ‘since August’ onto the end of every answer I give students about procedures. “We push our chairs in after we line up, like we’ve done every day SINCE AUGUST. I’m looking to see who remembered to write their last name on their paper, like I’ve shown you SINCE AUGUST. You don’t know where to put your folder? The same place you’ve kept it SINCE AUGUST.” The fact that I’ve written a book instructing teachers not to say this only makes me want to say it more.

*I didn’t go on Twitter for an entire week (and haven’t been reading it much this past week, either) simply because I don’t feel like thinking about school in my free time. The education-related links and ideas I relished last month have become an unwelcome distraction from obsessing over centerpieces, tiaras, and all things wedding. I’m kinda over school right now, period. The fact that you’re only skimming through the ed blogs in your feed reader today proves you feel the same way (yes, I see you, and I’m not insulted).

*A student bragged to me, “Ms. Powell, I’ve been telling allllll the second graders how fun your class is, and now they all want you as their teacher next year.” Thanks, kid, but can you spread the word selectively? And I’ve already turned in report cards, so nice try.

Where are you at in the countdown? Are you still hanging in there or totally over it?

Angela Watson

Founder and Writer

Angela created the first version of this site in 2003, when she was a classroom teacher herself. With 11 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of experience as an instructional coach, Angela oversees and contributes regularly to...
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  1. We’ve got 15 days to go including tomorrow and two of those days are 1/2 days with the kids. We go until June 23. We’re on a modified calendar so our summer is only 6 weeks — we’re back in the classroom August 10 this year and the kids begin August 12.

    I am thinking ahead and doing a lot of reflecting on what I want to change for next year and do differently or tweak. I think I am only not 100% ready to send this class out for the last time because I had last week off plus Memorial Day (a perk to the modified calendar, we get our breaks all year and its awesome). Most of my kids are great just a few drive me nuts and I find myself wishing they would stay home. 😉

    Seriously though I am tired and ready to put the year to bed. I will miss this class, they are wonderful (mostly) and I only have 20. Next year I’m likely to get 25-28 so I’m trying to enjoy my small class while I can!

  2. Yesterday was my last day with kids, but I’m working all next week: one day is a planning day for our PBS team, one day I’m moving rooms, and two days I’m taking a technology workshop. So not really on vacation yet.

    And I personally go with cume file – yes, it adds a letter, but it avoids those inevitable giggles. From someone. Not you or me. Someone.

  3. RW: I would LOVE a modified calendar. But I can’t believe you’re already reflecting for next year. I am soooo not there yet. And won’t be until at least July.

    Chris: Oooh, when is the wedding??

    Teaching’: Congrats on finishing! Even if you’re still doing planning days and workshops, at least you’re not with the kids, where you have to expend REAL energy. 😉

    CowboyJoe: You know, I was thinking about what to do with my countdown clock on the site. Should I start one for the first day of school? Um…no. That’s no fun.

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