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40 Hour Workweek


These videos are designed to supplement my Growth Mindset unit:

Growth Mindset Unit: 10 complete lessons, interactive journal for students, growth mindset bulletin board, and printable posters.


Lesson 1

You Can Learn Anything from Khan Academy

Lesson 2

Growth Mindset Video from Infobdundl

Lesson 3

No videos

Lesson 4

Famous Failures from Motivating Success – Videos to Inspire & Motivate

(You may choose to stop at 1:07 for younger students)


Failures are the Pillars of Success by Sameer Singh

Lesson 4

Brain Jump with Ned the Neuron n by Kidzoom

Lesson 6

No videos

Lesson 7

Grit: The Key to Your Success at FLVS by Florida Virtual School

Lesson 8

Passionate Teacher by Paul Blogush

(play just the first 1 minute)

Lesson 9

Growth Mindset Kids by Asblackwell11’s Channel

Lesson 10

No videos